Export Compliance Consulting

Globaleyes offers compliance consulting for your staff to insure your processes are up to the current standards.

Training and Education

Staff training programs support onboarding and continuing education. Globaleyes can create a custom training program tailored to your specific needs.

Audits and Assessments

Globaleyes performs detailed audits and assessments of your current export compliance processes to ensure efficiency and recommend improvements.

Regulatory Reviews

Staying in tune with the complex and ever-changing regulatory standards can be daunting. Globaleyes can support or perform your annual regulatory review process.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Considering a merger or acquisition to create a competitive advantage or share technology? Globaleyes experts can help navigate the compliance requirements and help harmonize compliance approaches between newly joined entities.

Global Transport &

Are you confident in your global transport compliance? Globaleyes can help ensure you are meeting all the proper country-to-country requirements.



We bring a knowledgeable, high-energy team together to provide tailored services that help you meet your business goals. At Globaleyes, we offer a multidisciplinary view of the intricate regulatory requirements for civil, dual-use, and military products and services, as well as the equally complex demands of country-specific controls and privacy matters.


At Globaleyes, we focus on the current trends in regulatory trade compliance and enforcement through our relationships with key personnel in both the public and private sectors. Our network allows us to provide you with comprehensive guidance and a wide range of compliance support services.


Our mission is to safeguard our clients’ successes by skillful design of business controls for the increasingly complex trade compliance rules—creating a strong compliance environment. We stay informed—so you can stay focused.

Globaleyes concentrates our efforts on fully understanding and supporting export compliance concerns for the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Contact us today and we will assign one of our team members to review your needs to tailor a program to support your most pressing concerns.  We build custom compliance services packages based on your current deficiencies and evolve from there to support your organization.


We are ready to support you  in your compliance needs from training, to reviews or audits, Globaleyes is building a great team to serve your needs.  Tell us how we can help.

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