The Globaleyes Trade Compliance Risk Management (TCRM) Training Program is reinventing and reinforcing U.S. trade regulation education across the industry. Through the Globaleyes TCRM Training Program, your company will receive custom U.S. trade compliance training material that is applicable, relatable, and retainable. Globaleyes understands the importance of U.S. trade education built to address the critical aspects of U.S. trade regulations and the guidelines necessary for every individual based on their specific duties and in line with trade compliance regulations.

Training can be made available on a subscription basis through Globaleyes’ or your company’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The purpose of the TCRM LEVEL 1: Awareness training course is to create awareness for employees on the fundamentals of trade compliance, risks, and how they relate to everyday work tasks.

The purpose of the TCRM LEVEL 2: Guidance training course is to educate managers and supervisors in areas across a corporate enterprise impacted by export control regulatory and statutory requirements.

Business Development, sales & marketing, logistics, and supply chain are just a few of the critical stakeholders within a company’s export control program. Together, export control stakeholders must meet both business needs and regulatory requirements. A strong compliance environment helps manage complex compliance risks while enabling critical areas such as sales, manufacturing, fulfillment, and sustainment of products and services.

LEVEL 2 will provide the foundation of knowledge about export control requirements, processes, and policies. The goal is for stakeholders to work together to plan, coordinate, and conduct regulated activities in alignment with customers needs and expectations.

Globaleyes hosts 2-day live training sessions at its conference space in downtown Dallas. Not only do these events cover all things trade compliance, they also satisfy the annual Empowered Official training requirement.

“I would like to mention that all the presenters did an outstanding job and the training was very well organized.”

“The exercises were very helpful to understand the topics.”

“The presenters are very knowledgable.”

“I enjoyed it all. Particularly enjoyed personalized discussions/assistance. The knowledge the Globaleyes team has on all of the attendee’s companies was great! Very helpful.”

“I got a lot of info I feel I could use.”

“Lots of good in-depth information.”

“Covered a broad range of topics to be referenced later.”

“Refreshing the learning on the ITAR sections as we do not do a ton of export transactions so always great to get updated info and refreshers annually. The exercises were an excellent welcome addition to the training.”

“OFAC and CUI sessions were helpful.”

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